Sunday, February 6, 2011

Traveling Nail tech goes to Kiawah Island, SC

My cute little cottage in Kiawah

  When I first got the call that the Sasanqua spa needed training I was excited. It was January and I had not been on the road since November. I had not heard of the spa or the island it was located on, Kiawah. After I checked it out on google I realized I was in for a treat.I had no idea I was getting ready to see one of the prettiest places in the United States(#6 by Travel and Leisure mag) to be exact.
  I went out for dinner the first night I was there,Cassique. They frown on cell phones(FYI). As I was leaving I was shocked at how dark it was. No lights! The island only uses low lights to help maintain the natural habitat of the wild life. My first thought was that I was going to get mugged but then I remembered I had to go through two security gates to get there. As I was driving back to my cottage I came upon three deer. Later that night raccoons played on my deck. I didn't mind because I was sitting in front of the fireplace eating the snacks they had stocked in the fridge. Life at that moment was pretty close to perfect.
  The spa...Amazing is all I can say. Not only do they offer Shiatsu massage but you can hang out in the lounge in some of the coolest Murphy beds I have ever seen. I can't leave out the nail services. Shellac,Shellac,Shellac..that is why I was there. If you haven't heard about it or experienced it yet you must. A nail service that allows you to get a manicure but without the pain of drying and chipping.
  If you want to Kayak,fish,ride a bike or simply relax this is the place to be. I can't wait to go back. It is defantly the Low country at it's finest.

Meet the Harrisons

Here is my sweet family. Calvin and I were high school sweethearts and will be married for 17 years this fall. Wow..that sounds weird to me when I say it out loud. We were blessed with the sweetest child ever born on Sept 24,2001. Colton is our greatest accomplishment and we love being his parents. As far as what we do and who we are...Cal owns his own hardwood floor business. As for me..I am a traveling Nail tech. I have been in the industry for 17 years (I know..I started when I was 5:). I educate for CND ( Education has allowed me to travel the world and work with the industries best. I feel that I do what I was put here to do. Not nails per say but through that I get to help others reach their highest and best potential...that is what I love! I think this quote best sums it up..."To succeed you need to find something to hold on to,something to motivate you,something to inspire you~Tony Dorsett~"

Us...hanging out with Elvis!