Friday, January 6, 2012

The preacher or in prison

The preacher or in prison...that about sums it up.
 I am the girl who has trained for a marathon without missing a day and finished all 26.2 miles. I am also the girl who, on day three of her diet, will rummage through the cabinets at 3a.m. to find the one chocolate chip that I know got lose. I look for it like I need a 12 step program (true story).
I wish I loved eating my 1/2 cup of oatmeal with three egg whites but I am not..I want to go to Starbucks every morning and get a cream cheese danish with a large white mocha. I want to be naturally fit and never see cellulite. I would also like to have a tan..all year long. I am tired of shaving,waxing, hair, nails and's a full time job just trying to look half way presentable. But here is the deal..I am 35. I want to be and feel my personal best so there has to be effort made. I want to be the most positive person anyone meets and if I have "muffin top" I am not as positive as I am when I don't..just saying. In life there are those who provoke change in others, make others reach for things they may not have thought they could. I hope that I am that person,even if it's just to my close friends and family. the spirit of extreme..I have committed to the following challenges:
5. 5k in May
6. 90 day Beach body Challenge
7. Do 100 Push ups by the end of March ( girl style..this will be videoed and put on youtube).
I am doing a 5k every month for a year with my childhood friend, Jen.
Kellye,my bff, has got on board (Anna Kate is now 6 months so I get her back:)
Several of my other friends are setting new goals and checking stuff off their bucket list as well. Heather and Sandi will be doing their first 1/2 marathon with the rest of us. We are all getting cute shirts made for this event( photo ops and t-shirts are huge for me).
I am probably always going to be extreme..maybe one day I will find balance. But for today..I am going to do it all, be every where and do everything I can!