Saturday, January 21, 2012

  July 3, 2011 I am at Whiskey Kitchen having dinner with a girlfriend. 10:30 comes around and I decided that I wanted to run my first 5k..the next day. I thought I may need to wrap things up if I was going to be running at 7:00 a.m so I ended my night and headed home. On my way home I called my life long friend,Jen. She is the friend, who lets just say, has let me talk her into pretty much everything and anything over the last 30 years. She answered the phone so that was all I needed. "Hey Jen, let's do the July 4th 5k in the morning."..and Jen replies, "O.K." Easy enough.

  When we arrived we were both a little nervous. We had not trained (obviously) and were rethinking our decision. Who cares, I thought. This is usually my motto. So off we go. We ran for the most part and finished the race in 35 minutes. We stayed to see who won. Some skinny girl won our age division but she wasn't much faster than we were. Now the competitiveness sets in..We both know that if we trained we could come back and win this local race next July. So at that moment the "RUN ONE A MONTH FOR A YEAR" goal was born. July 4th was our first and today's race will be our seventh. We have kept to our word but some things have evolved in this process. We now try to run on a Holiday ,like the one we did for Halloween. We decided to dress up as the Harlem Globetrotters. In my opinion one should dress up for any event; it makes it so much more fun. The next one was on Thanksgiving morning and then New Years Eve. Today we are running the Zoo run run at the Nashville Zoo.

 This is how this noramlly plays out..Jen is faster than me (her legs are longer:). She says she will stay with me but I always end up behind her. I don't mind this because it's a race and everyone should do their personal best. I have been training like a crazy person over the last few weeks, the race started later in day and I was feeling it(things are looking good). Jen stayed with me...or should I say..I stayed with Jen! And then we picked up the bff,Kel last month. She just wanted to walk last month and planned on doing the same today. She was a little under the weather but you would have never known..she was running like the wind. We ran our booties off. Jen finished at 33,I finished at 34 and Kel 35.

 It was a great day spent with great friends..It doesn't get any better than that!


Until next time~