Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#15 marked off the bucket list!

Welcome to Hollywood!
In my first post for the new year I wrote my bucket list. It always amazes me how the things on it come in to reach with out me really trying to go there or do it. How # 15 came to pass...

I.S.S.E is the first show of what we, at CND, call show season. It is the beginning of a love/hate relationship that is a total blast but leaves us all very tired with little time to do much else. It usually goes from set up on Friday (9-5) to show (Sat-Mon..8-5). This was my first time working the Long Beach show so when I got the invite I said," yes". If I would have realized that Long Beach was just  an hour from L.A. I would have planned on coming in a day early to site see. I am not geographically challenged for the most part (just saying). Any way..I realized that I was too close to marking something off my list not to make it happen. My friend, Barb, and I went to the Derby last year together. She has a bucket list too (very swanky one at that). When I found out Barb was going to be in Long Beach I told her I had to find a way to see the Stinking sign so this is what we did...
She gets up at 5:15 to come get me. I am going to add that she was on the tail end of a 14 day work trip. I am also going to add that she has been tour guide barbie to her family and friends when it comes to L.A. about 10-15 times. In another words..she loves me! I am waiting on the steps of my hotel, like a 5 year old the night before they leave for DISNEY WORLD, when she arrives. Off we go. I have heard horror stories about L.A. traffic (one reason we leave so early Friday morning) but we have to be back for set up by 10:00. I would NEVER be late to set up. You will only get that part if you have worked a show. Surprisingly there is very little traffic and we get there close to sun rise.
Here is what you may or may not know about the Hollywood sign..I did not until Tour Guide Barbie told me. It originally said HOLLYWOOD HILLS but the Hills either fell off or was taken off. It was a realastate sign wanting people to know about the property. Hollywood Hills is a neighborhood. A very cool one at that. Adam Lavine from Maroon Five lives there( or did when Barb did his nails several years back).  We finally get to the top and I take the pic! Mission accomplished.
We had a little bit of time left so we went to see the Gaurman Chinese theater. This was cool as well. You would be surprised at how small some of these people are. There hands look like they belong to my 10 year old son. It puts another prospective on who you think may be handsome when their feet are smaller than yours. Boo!  We decided to go with Sandra Bullock. I love does my husband:).
We got back in the car and headed to set up..ON TIME, actually early! This was such a fun day and another memory from this job that I will take with me forever. Barb..If you are reading this please know that I can't thank you enough. You are an awesome friend. xo