Friday, February 10, 2012

The little things

  The Standard hotel is off the charts cool. It's in the meat packing district( one of my favorite places in NYC). I was only working there..not staying. As I was walking back to get set up for the show I was pretending that I was staying there for the weekend (this was all in my head and it played out quite nice). One thing I love about my job is seeing new places, places I would not normally see.

Now I am eating brunch at " The Shop" This joint is swanky as well and I find myself perpetrating once again. I love coffee cups with out handles. Holding it with both hands as I talk to my friend relaxes me.The restaurant has great art and soft lounge style music is playing in the back ground. What I really love the most is the comfortable silence I share with my friend.

And now the day has come to a close..I am sitting in a room full of girls painting nails. These girls have become like family over the last several years. So rather it's seeing really cool places or eating in great restaurants I do believe it's the little things that stick out to me more than anything else.

I enjoyed this day~