Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The tools we use..

This post is going to be very short but informative. If you are not a nail professional you may find this one of no use. But if you are an educator, do nail design or want to WOW your customers this is a must read.

  I don't want to call it nail art because that sounds so 1988 to me. I picture heart shaped stickers and rhinestones along the free edge. If you are still doing that..rock on but I am looking at it now more like fashion. If you want to" up your game" then listen closely. You need tools. Go to Kami or You are going to get everything you need to hook your clients up with the latest styles and trends. This entire kit is about $20.
You also need foil. I know you can get this at various places but  has the best bargain. You get a ton so it will allow you to "peacock" until your hands fall off.

Now..where to go to get the latest ~This is our site. Go to spot light videos and  watch some of the girls in action. It's a step by step guide. You can also check us out on Youtube.  Here are a few other sites I recommend you follow..The Fingernailfixer on Facebook. Holly is one of my fellow comrades and is always keeping peeps up to speed. Sam , total nail geek, at

Here is what I am doing for Spring 2012..
  • The mood ring with our color and effects. My friend and coworker Candice made this up. You may want to follow her blog as well.Nails And Lipstick
  • The mood ring with shellac colors.
  • Peacock the nails with foil
  • Marbleizing with Shellac
  • Glitter, or Rock star , with shellac
You can always contact me at if you need help.

p.s. I am not creative. I am not the girl who comes up with new concepts. If you feel your clients are not up for this or you can't do it..think again. I promise..they will love it and you can do it!