Monday, February 6, 2012

My daddy sleeps naked!

My son,Colton, has made my life complete and I have a love for him that words can not describe. I am sure most mothers feel the same. All I asked God for when I was pregnant was for him to be healthy, have long eyelashes, have a conscience that would guide him in this life and if he saw fit.. lots of personality.. and lots of personality he has. This is were I know God has a sense of humor. He gives us traits in our children that we often don't see in ourselves until it seems that you are looking in the mirror. My son is honest to a fault..much like myself. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I have a hard time understanding why people just don't ask for what they want and passive aggressive behavior drives me nuts. Colton has the same feelings which has helped me mature and hopefully has helped me guide him in realizing not everyone thinks the way we do nor should we expect them to. His wit and charm are one of the things I like best about him. Although sometimes I could die by what comes out of his mouth most of the time it leaves me laughing.

I am writing this blog so that one day, when I am older, I can turn it into a book. It would not be complete with out one of my all time favorite "colton stories". If you know me well you already know this...heck, the entire community knows it!

Colton starts preschool at the sweet age of 4. It is a private Christan school with most of the people attending my church. Although Colton is in preschool the entire group of children (ranging from 4-15 or so) gather together for morning devotion. The lady in charge stands in front and starts reading from the bible and starts talking about Love. "What do you do to show love?", she ask.  Several kids spoke up with replies like, " I help my mom do the dishes, etc".  Sweet Colton raises his hand and she finally calls on him. "Colton..what do you do to show love?" And Colton replies the following..."MY DADDY SLEEPS NAKED".

I am in Alabama working at this particular time but my phone starts blowing are not going to believe what Colton said at school today. I hear the story and I am thinking, "no he doesn't..where did that come from and why would he reply that to that question?" It really would never matter what either of us said at that point. Calvin, my husband is on the reserved side so his friends thought this was great. He was getting ready to go on a golf trip with several friends from church so this gave them the leverage they needed for many many jokes. We did ask Colton later that night why he said it and he responded, "Oh..I thought you did". From that point on the teachers knew to be on high alert. We have a rule that if they don't believe everything they hear we won't believe everything we hear.

I have 1,000 more funny things that he has said and done over the last ten years but I will wait to share those for when he starts dating..I think it would only be fair:).